Hi, guys! So I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry. This isn’t even a real update so, again, I’m sorry.  But I feel like I have some explaining to do.

Just like last time, I don’t even have a good reason for the length of time between posts. To be totally honest, I have at least 2 updates worth of pictures saved on my computer for both legacies… but I just can’t convince myself to write them up. That’s actually pretty strange, considering that writing the legacies has always been my very favorite part.

That got me thinking.

Guys, I have a really hard time giving a shit about this game.

I know I’ve hinted at it before, but moving to The Sims 4 is probably the worst decision I ever made, from a legacy-writing standpoint. I was so excited by the newness of the game, and so drawn in by the super-cool emotions, that I totally glossed over the… blah-ness of this iteration of Sims.

That’s not to say the game is all bad. I love how these Sims interact and express their feelings. I love that the game runs so much better than TS3 ever did. I love the entire building infrastructure, which has made me more comfortable with creating houses than I’ve ever been in any of the Sims games. But I’ve been playing The Sims since the very beginning and I’m one of those people who definitely has strong opinions on this game. TS4 hasn’t even managed to illicit that from me. It’s just kind of… meh.

Obviously, I don’t love the game. Most of the time, I don’t even like it. It took a lot of thought to figure out exactly why that is, but it basically boils down to this: There is NO depth. I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I am not invested in these characters. I have always been super into my Sims. I have always given them such vibrant personalities, even if those personalities only translated well inside my own head. I have always cared about them.

Now? I don’t. Every time I write an update, it’s a struggle because I just don’t care about these Sims. They all act exactly the same. Their traits don’t matter AT ALL, the settings (like with all the objects that effect emotions) have a much larger impact on behavior. Every time I play the game, I’m struck by how lifeless and disconnected these little virtual people are, even with all their interesting interactions and emotions.

LGR (one of my favorite game reviewers) described it pretty well in this video.

So. Where does that leave us? I’m not really sure.

I’m not going to say I’m definitely quitting this game or even this legacy forever. I hope that’s not the case. But I have to figure out a way to care about it again. I don’t know if that’ll mean going back to ts3, or waiting it out and seeing if ts4 entices me again at some point, or what. I wish I had more answers for you, and I do appreciate all of the comments and support I’ve received through the years.

I hate feeling like I’m letting you down. I’m so, so sorry. But, in the end, this is a game. Like all of you, I have a real life. I have kids and work and responsibilities. Wasting my limited free time on a hobby that doesn’t even interest me anymore doesn’t make sense, even though I strongly considering doing just that so nobody would be disappointed.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ll borrow a (paraphrased) quote from the video above to sum this up.

tl;dr: The Sims 4 is just not the game  I want any more and I can’t feel any kind of passion for it. I’m not sure what that means just yet, but I’m ready to move on.

Please forgive me. I love you guys!


4.6–The End of an Era


Hi, everyone! This is the second time I’ve tried writing this post, so let’s see if we can actually get through it this time.

Also, this is a very, very long update. To be perfectly honest, I find it quite boring to play an ISBI in TS4 and that’s even more true when I’m at that weird point where one generation is pretty much done, but the next isn’t ready to take over yet. So we’re going to kind of push through the teen years as fast as we can for the boys, and announce our next Heir at the end of this update. Yay!

First, a quick refresher on what happened last time:

The boys became Teens. Lacey was awful. Levi was gorgeous, much to the mediocre Roman’s dismay. The boys were still best friends, though. Lacey, now a Snob, moved out.

Onto the update!

05-15-16_3-53-48 PM

The boys are still stuck on one another, mostly refusing to hang out with anyone else, even when they’re out on the town. Here they are, at The Hare and Hedgehog.

Levi: I say, this establishment is quite droll!

Roman: Yes, yes. The tea is quite lovely, as well.

05-15-16_4-42-13 PM

Things are no different at home.

Roman: What’s she doing here? Doesn’t she know breakfast is twin time?

05-15-16_4-42-23 PM

Levi: No worries, bro. We’re still here together. Hey!

Mara: Haha. Yeah. That’s totally normal. Nothing at all creepy or weird about your obsession with each other. Nope. Not at all.

05-15-16_4-44-33 PM

Occasionally, they do spend a little time apart.

05-15-16_4-44-39 PM

I’d probably watch firefighting shows if I had almost burned my house down, too.

05-15-16_4-44-47 PM

Levi: Yes! I love this! Look at them fight those flames!

You saw your mother do that in person, but whatever.

05-15-16_4-45-10 PM

Despite all the things I don’t love about TS4, I’ll never stop adoring the autonomous shows of affection. <3

05-15-16_4-55-27 PM

Levi: See, Dad? We need to get one of those huge hoses. What if the fire were bigger last time?

Aryn: Ehh, no big deal. Your mom has a lot of experience dealing with emergencies.

05-15-16_4-55-49 PM

I think Roman knows he has very little chance of becoming Heir. He spends a lot of time stomping through the house in a rage.

Then again, his traits pretty much guarantee that he’s always angry.

05-15-16_6-14-56 PM

Finally, Levi moved on to a movie that seems a little more entertaining.

Levi: Yes! Zombies!

05-15-16_6-15-43 PM

Then Roman put on an impromptu performance.

Roman: Grrr. Arghh.

05-15-16_6-17-10 PM

Roman: Did you see that, Levi!? I could totally be an actor!

05-15-16_6-17-18 PM

Roman: *interpretive dance*

05-15-16_6-17-40 PM

Roman: One day, man, I’m going to be a star. I just know it!

05-15-16_6-45-13 PM

Roman: People are going to love me! There will be applause everywhere I go, just like this! Try it out!

05-15-16_6-45-23 PM

Levi: Ro, could you just shut up?! I’m trying to watch a movie here!

Roman: W-wow, Levi. That was amazing! You’re a great actor, too! For a minute there, I almost really believed you were annoyed with me.

Aryn: He’s right, Levi. That was impressive. I really thought you were angry, too!

05-15-16_6-45-34 PM

Levi: *sigh* It’s impossible to stay mad at those idiots.

05-15-16_6-46-03 PM

Levi: Well, uh – thanks, Dad. I’m glad you enjoyed the… performance.

Roman: That’s no fair. Why isn’t anyone ever around when I do something cool? I was a very convincing zombie just a few minutes ago!

05-15-16_6-46-18 PM

Aryn: Selfie time, with the son that’ll be famous someday!

Roman: This is bullshit!

05-15-16_6-46-24 PM

Levi: Hey, look! That’s a really good shot, Dad!

05-15-16_6-49-40 PM

Somehow, Roman mastered his anger long enough to make food for his family.

05-15-16_6-50-23 PM

Sort of.

05-15-16_6-50-28 PM

Look at his face here. The splashing is totally on purpose.

05-15-16_6-50-34 PM

Levi: Roman! What are you doing, man?? This is my favorite sweater!

Aryn: Wow, more impressive acting! This angry character of yours is really developing nicely.

05-15-16_6-50-46 PM

Roman: Uhm, sorry, Levi. It was all an accident. I swear.

Look at his face. He’s not sorry at all.

It was around this time that I realized Mara does, in fact, have a job and she can’t just hang around the house fixing things all the time. I learned this when she abandoned the idiots, leaving them to their own devices.

07-06-16_10-42-15 PM

It started out well enough, with Aryn proving he’s not completely useless by taking out the trash.

07-06-16_10-43-13 PM

The peace was shattered, though, when Levi immediately started threatening to both pee himself and pass out.

07-06-16_10-43-54 PM

He made it to the bathroom without incident, at least.

07-06-16_10-44-15 PM

Meanwhile, Roman ate some dinner before heading to bed himself.

07-06-16_10-45-38 PM

With the girls out of the house, there are way more beds than Sims in the house, but the boys still insist on sharing most nights. They’re very strange.

07-06-16_10-48-25 PM

I love when Toni comes to visit!

07-06-16_10-48-56 PM

Toni: Green ghostie or not, I’ve still got it!

07-06-16_10-51-01 PM

Of course, I love it less when other family members threaten to join her in the spectral realm.

07-06-16_10-52-48 PM

Which is why I make Mara spend so much time fixing things.

07-06-16_10-54-36 PM

Mara: I don’t think a broken coffee maker is actually going to kill any of my children, but it can’t hurt to be safe, I guess.

07-06-16_11-00-49 PM

Even though they’re constantly miserable, Roman and Levi accept every invitation to continue the Spouse Hunt. This most commonly results in park bench naps.

07-06-16_11-01-55 PM

Levi is not immune.

07-06-16_11-10-46 PM

Of course, the barely-life-sustaining naps leave Roman even more inclined to angry stomping than before.

07-06-16_11-11-39 PM

Aryn is on the verge of being fired because he never goes to work. He does not look particularly concerned. Considering that the family can barely pay their bills and he makes a lot more money than Mara, he probably should be.

07-06-16_11-13-54 PM

The whole family was invited to a birthday party for this gent, whose name is Korbin. I’m not sure who he is, but the Nawatts are the only people who showed up for the party.

07-06-16_11-16-14 PM

Of course, they were far more interested in Korbin’s nice things than the birthday boy himself.

07-06-16_11-16-54 PM

Levi: There are so many computers here that we can all have one! What an awesome idea!

Yeah. That’s not going to happen to the Nawatts any time soon.

07-06-16_11-17-32 PM

Korbin: Hey, Mara! How nice of you to stop by with the family! It was wonderful to have my brother here while I aged up!

Mara: Oh! Right. You’re Aryn’s brother, aren’t you? Well… cool… happy birthday and all.

She didn’t even look away from the screen.

07-06-16_11-28-24 PM

Back at home, Roman couldn’t even make it to bed, giving us the first fail of this chapter.

07-06-16_11-30-59 PM

The next morning, Aryn couldn’t make himself go to work. Again. He was fired.

07-06-16_11-39-31 PM

Mara is a little more enthusiastic about her work-related tasks, thankfully.

07-06-16_11-39-35 PM

Mara: Please help me. All I want to do is sit down, but I can’t seem to stop.

Whatever. She’s fine.

07-06-16_11-39-45 PM

See? She looks so happy!

Mara: Hahaha, yep. That’s it. Happy. I’m totally happy! *forced laughter*

07-06-16_11-43-14 PM

Mara: It was the weirdest thing. I spent all morning repairing things in the house, and all I wanted to do was have a seat for a while, right?

07-06-16_11-43-19 PM

Mara: Well, I started to go sit down, then it was like an invisible hand pushed me away from the couch. Next thing I knew, I was practicing at the bar. I didn’t want to practice at the bar, but every time I tried to stop, it was like something forced me to start again!

Aryn: That’s awful, Mara!

Levi: Yeah, Mom! That’s so scary! Are you okay?

07-06-16_11-43-34 PM

Mara: Yeah, I think so. But what do you guys think? Has anything like that ever happened to you?

Aryn: Nope. Never. I’m sure it’s nothing to be concerned about, though.

07-06-16_11-56-14 PM

Levi: So… I’m worried about Mom. The whole ‘invisible hand’ thing. Is she going to be okay?

Aryn: Don’t stress out over it. She’s been saying that sort of thing the whole time I’ve known her. She says you or your brother will understand someday.

07-06-16_11-59-07 PM

Levi: So then Dad said that one of us will understand someday, and I’m suddenly not so excited about being Heir. It’s kind of scary, actually.

Roman: I am right here. You don’t have to be Heir, you know!

07-07-16_12-00-17 AM

Look at that! Pure relaxation! Turns out I’m not the most demanding Simmer ever, after all.

Roman: Mom, you think I’m capable of being Heir, right?

Mara: Sure. But I think you’d have to get a really great trait to beat your brother.

Roman: What does that even mean??

Mara: I’m not sure, to be honest.

07-07-16_12-00-28 AM

Mara: …Still, I think your brother would have to get a really boring trait, too.

Roman: You’re not even making any sense!

Mara: I know. Sometimes thoughts just pop into my head and I don’t even understand them. It’s the weirdest thing.

08-28-16_11-48-55 PM

Levi: Would you look at this place?! It’s a disaster!

Aryn: Just wait until you’re the one responsible for taking care of the mess, kid.

Roman: I’m still here, you know!!

Fun Fact: Right after I took this picture, Aryn cleaned the sink then promptly threw up. I missed getting a picture, but it was neat to see the Squeamish trait in action!

08-28-16_11-56-41 PM

Being Heir does have some perks, though. Mara almost never wears pants when she isn’t at work.

I’m not sure how much fun semi-nudity is when you’re always responsible for fixing household appliances, though. Seems dangerous.

08-28-16_11-57-32 PM

Calliope still visits all the time.

08-28-16_11-57-38 PM

She seems shocked by her family members’ continued insanity, though.

09-04-16_9-14-46 PM

Levi is definitely the popular one of the twins, with Calliope inviting him out almost every night.

09-04-16_9-23-37 PM

This is just about the most excited I’ve ever seen him about a female around town. Too bad she’s almost an Elder.

09-04-16_9-24-02 PM

Pink Hair: Is he staring at me? He’s still staring at me, isn’t he?

09-04-16_9-24-16 PM

Every time she looked toward him, he looked away. It would have been cute if it wasn’t so creepy.

09-04-16_9-24-26 PM

This guy, though? Levi was all about  this guy.

09-04-16_9-25-25 PM

Levi: Aww, she’s leaving, isn’t she?

She probably would have stuck around if you hadn’t ignored her the entire time. Besides, she’s way too old for you!

09-04-16_9-28-54 PM

Speaking of too old, I didn’t realize it was Aryn’s birthday so he didn’t get a cake. He punished me by standing next to his bed and crying for hours before finally aging up.

09-04-16_9-29-28 PM

Aryn: Egad, I hurt in muscles I didn’t even know I had!

09-04-16_9-29-53 PM

Aryn: Look at this! Even my joints are revolting!

09-04-16_9-29-58 PM

Aryn: Oohh, I hate every bit of this.

09-04-16_9-31-35 PM

Mara was totally unperturbed.

09-04-16_9-34-53 PM

Further proof that Aryn, at least, has a favorite.

09-04-16_9-41-54 PM

If Levi keeps up this crap, I’m not sure I’ll agree with Aryn too much longer. Sad smile

09-04-16_9-42-19 PM

Mara: Yep. Still back here. Toooootally voluntary. You betcha.

09-04-16_9-44-16 PM

Urgh. It’s not a fail, at least, but there are five or six beds in this house and he couldn’t find one of them?? Maybe it’s because Roman isn’t sleeping.

09-04-16_9-45-57 PM

In his Elder years, Aryn has decided to finally become very useful. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t work any more.

09-04-16_9-48-54 PM

He used his Elder action to bake a cake, so his lovely wife didn’t have to deal with the same disappointment he did on his birthday.

09-04-16_9-52-03 PM

Mara: Oooh, this looks AMAZING!

09-04-16_9-52-25 PM

Mara: Back pain! NOT amazing!

09-04-16_10-17-43 PM

Mara got an Elder makeover and I LOVE it!

09-18-16_3-25-01 PM

With birthdays only a few days away, each of the boys got to take a vacation day so we could get to know them a little better. First up was Roman.

09-18-16_3-36-07 PM

As soon as he got to the park, Roman struck up a conversation with the lovely Max Villareal.

09-18-16_3-37-28 PM

Max wouldn’t look away from the sky long enough for me to prove that he is, in fact, very attractive.

Then Max took off to school, immediately showing me the error of my ways. The boys definitely aren’t finding a spouse this way.

09-18-16_3-41-55 PM

Still, Roman had a great time getting to know Danica Hussain. She’s very pretty but, once again, it’s a shame she’s already an Adult. I know there are more teens in this town!

09-18-16_3-43-21 PM

After Danica, Roman hung out with these two, who appear to be in some sort of Jackson Pollock cult.

09-18-16_3-44-31 PM

Yet again, one of the Nawatt boys are curled up on a bench in a park. I wonder if the townies think they’re homeless.

09-18-16_3-47-40 PM

Every time a guy his own age showed up, Roman rushed him. I’m not sure if he’s gay or just uncomfortable around girls.

09-18-16_3-48-26 PM

Either way, he seems to be having a good time with Zane Townsend.

09-18-16_3-48-58 PM

This is Maya Carey. She’s gorgeous. I wish one of the boys would fall for her. She also makes the best faces.

09-18-16_3-50-13 PM

Zane: Ugh, we just met and she’s already trying to take you away from me!

Roman: Who’s this ‘she’ you’re talking about?

I’m not trying to take anyone away from anyone. The beauty of an ISBI is that the Sims get to decide.

09-18-16_3-53-40 PM

Speaking of which, back at the house, Aryn decided to start a fight for no good reason.

Aryn: Come ON!! Yoga?! Really, Mara!?

09-18-16_4-11-15 PM

Turns out, he just wanted the yoga room to himself.

09-18-16_4-52-08 PM

The next day, Levi used his vacation time to hang out at a bar. We got a notice that it was alien night as soon as he got there.

For a long time no one else showed up, alien or otherwise.

09-18-16_4-53-27 PM

When they did, things quickly got weird. I’m not sure what’s going on here.

09-18-16_4-57-56 PM

The night was uneventful, and Levi took a nap.

09-18-16_4-59-48 PM

When he awoke, he was once again surrounded by gorgeous townies who are too old to marry him. Sad smile Where are all the Sims his age?!

09-18-16_7-44-18 PM

Back at home, there was more autonomous loving. Adorable.

09-18-16_7-55-46 PM

Roman: Dad, I’m not ready for this! I can’t be set out on my own!

09-18-16_7-56-00 PM

Aryn: Listen up, son. Everything’s going to be fine. Whichever one of you leaves will go to live with your sisters. That’ll be fun, right?

Roman: Dad, don’t patronize me. I know I’m not going to win this thing, and Lacey is the devil. So, no. Going to live with her will not be fun.

09-18-16_7-56-14 PM

Aryn: You know nothing, Roman. Underdogs come back to win at the last minute all the time.

09-18-16_7-57-17 PM

Obviously, that means it’s birthday time! Roman is up first.

09-18-16_7-57-44 PM

He looks shocked. His new trait is Evil! That’s a good one! His Adult makeover will be revealed momentarily.

09-18-16_8-00-36 PM

First, it’s Levi’s turn!

09-18-16_8-00-42 PM

He had a bit of trouble with the candles…

09-18-16_8-00-46 PM

There he goes!

09-18-16_8-23-00 PM

Here’s Roman! I really like his new look!

Roman: *pouts* The Evil trait wasn’t enough for you?? You love the Evil trait!!

I know, I know, but…

09-18-16_8-23-20 PM

Levi’s new trait is Jealous. I’ve never played with that trait before! Also, because I am easily amused, Levi’s new favorite color is green. All of his clothing will reflect that.

Roman went to live with his sisters, as promised. I will miss him. Sad smile

And that’s all I have for this time! Next update will see the beginning of Generation 5, and our newest Torch Holder taking over! Hopefully it’ll be up soon!


Torch Holder: 5
Sim Failing School: 1
Visit From Service Sim: 6
Passing Out: 34
Self-Urination: 37
Accidental Fire: 9
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 20
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling Aspiration: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0


09-18-16_8-49-32 PM

Levi: I don’t know what’s going on. I have a sudden, strong urge to go clean this plate. Normally, I just leave it, but… I guess… I’d better take it into the kitchen…

That’s right, minion. Winking smile

Patronus/Animal Award

Hi, guys! So, I’ve known for a few weeks now that both of my legacy blogs have been nominated for the Animal Award thingy that’s been going around, but I just haven’t gotten to it. The prospect of finding 10 blogs that haven’t been awarded yet, tagging all of them, laying out the rules, etc. just seemed to daunting.

So I’m not going to do it. I figured, the awards are pretty much going in circles at this point anyway. But I did want to say thank you! I am so, so happy to have been nominated! Therefore, I’ll complete all the other ‘requirements’ of the award, and beg my lovely nominators (is that a word??) to let me off the hook. ;)


First off, I’m blatantly stealing this image from one of the bloggers who nominated me. I’m the worst, I know.

We’ve all talked about the spirit animal thing and why that’s offensive, right? Good. As far as I’m concerned, this is a Patronus Award, k? Moving on.

Patronus Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.
  2. Post the award picture on your blog (I’m aware of the spirit animal controversy regarding Native Americans – being that it’s their real practice and someone like me doesn’t have the same connection and therefore shouldn’t use the term. So I just used a picture of Harry’s Patronus instead, and named it after that as I’ve seen others do.)
  3. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  4. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  5. Pick and notify ten nominees.

Now onto my answers.

1. Pixel Perfect and Pixel Perfect Redux were nominated by DSLady over at The Evans EPIC Challenge.

The Nawatt ISBI  was nominated by Sam / somebodysangel13 at the Rourke Epic Legacy.

Thank you both so, so much! I am honored!!

2. Posted above. ;)

3. About me? Hmm. I hate these questions. I am a mother of 3 and a wife of many years. I am 31 years old, as of a few weeks ago, and therefore older than many Simmers and younger than a few others. ;) I’ve been playing the Sims since it first came out when I was around 15 or so. I’ve had every game and every expansion, meaning I’ve spent WAY too much money on this game over the years.

They paid me back, though! I won the Simspiration Contest for Writing a few years back (anyone remember that contest? It was cool.) and received the very MacBook I am using to write this blog post, as well as a Kindle Paperwhite. So they’ve paid me back!

4. If I could be any animal, I would be a Lynx. They’re so beautiful and powerful and, without much reason really, I’ve loved them all my life. Raccoons are really cool, too.

And that’s it! Thanks again for the nominations, it really means a lot to me!

4.5 – Evil Made Flesh


Last time, Mara sold the family’s spaceship and was immediately abducted by aliens. Lacey turned Teen. Calliope turned YA and was shipped off. Then Lacey caught herself (and most of the kitchen) on fire. I left off with the boys just blowing out the candles of their birthday cakes.

Let’s get to the ‘big’ reveal, shall we?

04-09-16_10-45-19 PM

Roman: Hello, Ladies.

Ignore the thighs and butts in this picture. Isn’t Roman lovely? He is now Outgoing.

04-09-16_10-45-40 PM

So, I thought Roman had Heirship in the bag… until I started on Levi’s makeover.

Isn’t he dreamy?

04-09-16_10-45-57 PM

Levi: Aww, you’re not choosing me?

I don’t know! 

Levi gained Loves the Outdoors.

04-09-16_10-46-19 PM

Calliope: So, what’re you going to do if you become heir?

Roman: I’ll get back to you on that. I have something important I have to do right now.

04-09-16_10-46-44 PM

Roman: Levi, don’t sit down right now! I need you to follow me.

04-09-16_10-46-36 PM

Levi: Wh-what?

04-09-16_11-03-56 PM

Roman: Alright, man. Let’s see how you did.

04-09-16_11-04-05 PM

Levi: I must say, I am pleased with how things turned out!

04-09-16_11-04-20 PM

Roman: Okay, okay. You look alright, I guess.

04-09-16_11-04-45 PM

Roman: But really, bro?

04-09-16_11-05-20 PM

Roman: Just look at me! I mean, I’ve got this thing in the bag!

They’re still BFFs, in case you’re wondering.

04-09-16_11-09-16 PM

Levi: So, Dad, what’s it like running the family anyway?

04-09-16_11-09-30 PM

Aryn: Oh, you’ll have to ask your Mom about that stuff, son. I’m just here to look pretty!

He isn’t good for much else, to tell the truth.

That elementary school homework is stuck permanently to the table, so that’s fun.

04-09-16_11-11-10 PM


I think he’s the first Sims 4 Sim that I’ve fawned over like this. Sims 3 was just so much prettier, but… I mean. Wow. Levi is gorgeous.

04-09-16_11-12-18 PM

Roman: Fine. Whatever. Just ignore me, then, since he’s obviously your favorite!

Don’t let him fool you. He’s hiding out in his bed because he ‘accidentally’ walked in on the hot twin, so now he’s embarrassed. True story.

04-09-16_11-13-45 PM

Doing stuff like this autonomously just makes me like him more.

04-09-16_11-13-59 PM

Of course, Aryn tries to be useful, too, but nine times out of ten, that pile of trash will end up on the floor somewhere.

04-09-16_11-14-30 PM

Look! Roman found the telescope! Maybe he’ll gain some Logic skill. We haven’t had any smart Sims in the house since Carson passed away.

04-09-16_11-15-56 PM

Levi: Could you move out of the way? I’d really like to sit down while I eat.

Lacey: *mumbles* in a minute.

04-09-16_11-16-03 PM

Levi: Come on, Lacey! Just step to the side a little!

Lacey: I — said — in a — minute!

Aryn: I have no idea what’s going on here.

04-09-16_11-16-10 PM

Like most teenagers in reality, all Lacey does is take selfies. Meanwhile, the twins are attached to the hip.

04-09-16_11-17-52 PM

Well, except for those moments in which they are literally attached to Lacey.

Levi and Lacey: Hey, look! We’re Pushmi-Pullyu!

Roman: What the hell are you talking about?

04-09-16_11-17-56 PM

Lacey: You know, like from Dr. Dolittle?

Roman: Looks more like Human Centipede to me. Get your elbow out of his flesh, Lacey!

I told you she’s pretty much a demon.

04-09-16_11-18-10 PM

Levi: Thanks for saving me back there. It was fun for a minute, but then it got really weird.

Roman: Hey, no problem, man!

04-09-16_11-18-24 PM

Roman: Besides, if anyone’s going to steal your soul, it’s going to be me!

Levi: *laughs uncomfortably*

04-09-16_11-18-58 PM

Mara: Huh. Well, judging from my absence from this chapter so far, I’d thought perhaps I had ceased to exist. But nope. There I am. Clearly visible and still very much alive.

Good enough. Moving on.

04-09-16_11-20-06 PM

This picture cracks me up because Roman looks so devious, and Aryn and Lacey are completely oblivious.

That’s also when I realized that Aryn had come down with something that caused his skin to look all blotchy and disgusting.

04-09-16_11-21-21 PM

So I used his Adult move to get rid of it.

04-09-16_11-22-02 PM

Now he’s free to go back to his idiotic ways.

04-09-16_11-23-20 PM

I checked to see if Lacey had caught his illness. She’s still snapchatting away, so I guess she’s all good.

04-09-16_11-24-34 PM

Levi: BRO!!!

04-09-16_11-24-43 PM

Roman: Bro!

04-09-16_11-24-59 PM

Both: *satisfied mumblings*

04-09-16_11-25-21 PM

Levi: Let’s commemorate this moment!

These two greet each other, every single day, like they haven’t spoken in years. It’s kind of adorable.

04-09-16_11-26-26 PM

Roman: So, man… I’ve got something I need to ask you.

Levi: Okay…

04-09-16_11-26-43 PM

Roman: What’s it like? You know… it. With a girl.

Levi: What makes you think I know the answer to that, Ro?

Yep. I’ve made such a fuss over his twin that Roman now assumes Levi is the best possible person to teach him about Woohoo. Oops.

04-09-16_11-29-06 PM

With three teens in the house, I can see why Mara would choose to develop the Wellness skill (even when she really should be working on her Aspiration!)

04-09-16_11-29-48 PM

She’s not bad at all, for a beginner.

04-09-16_11-31-27 PM

Aryn: Why did you just do that?

Lacey: Do what?

04-09-16_11-31-43 PM

Aryn: You know what! I just watched you get out of that chair and stand next to it. Then, when Roman tried to sit down, you screamed at him until he went away so you could have the seat once again.

Lacey: Oh. That.

04-09-16_11-31-53 PM

Lacey: What can I say? It’s fun!

Aryn: I just might do that!

04-09-16_11-32-17 PM

Roman: Seriously!?

04-09-16_11-32-33 PM

Roman: Can’t you guys just be normal for, like, five minutes?! All I wanted to do was have some delicious fish tacos for breakfast!

04-09-16_11-33-10 PM

Roman: ‘Morning, Levi.

Levi: Good morning, Ro. Looks like your favorite seat just opened up again.

Roman: Awesome!

04-09-16_11-33-37 PM


Roman: Damnit, Lacey!

Aryn wisely fled the scene. Lacey does this at least once every single day. Roman is her favorite victim.

04-09-16_11-40-09 PM

Lookit! Levitation!


04-09-16_11-41-14 PM

Once again, Mara saves the day.

Mara: I’m not having any more babies, damnit! You have to live to become heir. Got it?!

Roman: *off camera* I CAN BE HEIR, MOM!!!

04-09-16_11-44-23 PM

Not if you don’t start picking up the slack like your dreamboat brother, you can’t.

It was at about this point that I decided Lacey was going to get a job. Since she isn’t edgy enough to be a barista, she snagged a spot in retail.

04-09-16_11-46-53 PM

To make the most of her last night of freedom, the Teens went spouse hunting to hang out at the pool.

04-09-16_11-47-02 PM

Unfortunately for Lacey, the only other people in the pool were children.

04-09-16_11-47-46 PM

And her brothers. So pretty much the same thing.

Levi: What the hell are you wearing, bro?

Roman: Cool stuff. Duh.

04-09-16_11-50-31 PM

I wasn’t joking about the kids. It was weird, considering that The Nawatts arrived at the pool around 9 pm.

04-09-16_11-50-41 PM

Levi: I’m telling you, man: I’m not so sure about your clothes.

Roman: You don’t have to be sure. I’m sure. I look awesome!

04-09-16_11-51-00 PM

Levi: Why don’t you take a look at this picture I snapped. Are you still sure you look awesome?


04-09-16_11-52-56 PM

With the pool filled to the brim with nothing but small children, the Nawatt teens jumped on the chance to join Calliope at a ‘crazy party’ going on in the Ancient Ruins.

04-09-16_11-53-34 PM

Once there, Lacey got down to some serious partying, as you can see.

I’m so proud of her for finding a bench!

04-09-16_11-53-44 PM

Levi ordered drinks from Yuki Behr…

04-09-16_11-53-49 PM

aka my very favorite ts4 townie. Isn’t she gorgeous?

04-09-16_11-56-44 PM

The twins completely ignored the gorgeous girl in front of them, preferring to hang out with their eldest sister instead.

04-09-16_11-56-55 PM

Two pretty ladies! Come on, guys!

04-09-16_11-58-21 PM

Lacey, on the other hand, zeroed in on the man of her dreams.

This is just further proof that Lacey is evil made flesh.

04-09-16_11-59-35 PM

Look! Levi found a bush, avoiding a fail for me!

04-10-16_12-00-24 AM

This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I joked about sending the boys to find women to sleep with…

But, hey, that’s another fail he avoided!

04-10-16_12-01-38 AM

Lacey: This is the BEST night of my life!!!

Grim: Why do I feel like I just made a bigger mistake than the one that ended with me as a Reaper in the first place?

04-10-16_12-02-43 AM

I don’t know this girl’s name, or even how old she is, but I think she’s very pretty.

Roman: See? Just look at this. Isn’t it great?

04-10-16_12-02-54 AM

Pretty girl: Yes. Yes! It’s very nice!

Roman: I know!! That’s what I told Levi, but he keeps saying I look like an idiot!

04-10-16_12-04-49 AM

Roman: …so, then I told her “I knew I looked cool!” and she agreed!

Lacey: You’ve told me this story, like, fifteen times already. I keep telling you: she didn’t even speak Simlish! She would have agreed to anything you said! Can I get back to my birthday party now, please?!

See that burnt out stove in the background? That’s from Levi’s accident earlier. The Nawatts had to replace it with the cheapest stove money could buy, just so Lacey could have her cake.

04-10-16_12-07-13 AM

But first, Mara had to say a heartfelt goodbye to her youngest girl.

Mara: Now, don’t forget: the house you’re moving to is very very nice. If you and Calliope want to send some things home for Mama to sell, that’d be just great!

Lacey: Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ll miss you, too, Mom.

04-10-16_12-09-34 AM

Mara: Okay. Let’s see if I remember how to do this…

Lacey: You’d better! Half the guests are here already!

04-10-16_12-10-51 AM

Lacey: Hmm. This frosting is a weird texture. Almost a little bit… wet…


Lacey: Mom! Are you drunk again?!

04-10-16_12-11-00 AM

Mara: Oh, hush, girl. Just blow out the candles already. We can’t afford another fire in this house!

04-10-16_12-12-21 AM

Mara: Huh. Well, that was anti-climactic.

Lacey just couldn’t help herself. She had to rack up one last fail before being shipped off to live with her sister across the street.

Lacey’s final trat is completely perfect, by the way. Any guesses?

I’ll give you a second.

Snob. She’s a Snob.

As always, she’s available in the Gallery. Just search for Nawatt.

04-10-16_12-17-46 AM

I’m obscenely proud of Roman’s fun, colorful outfits. I also love that he actually uses most of his clothes. That doesn’t often seem to be the case in this game.

04-10-16_12-18-08 AM

Roman: Oh, you know how I roll, bb. I aim to please.

04-10-16_12-18-53 AM

Avoiding a fail is quite pleasing, indeed.

Just look at the scenery outside that window! Gorgeous.

04-16-16_7-45-29 PM

The next day, once again, the men in the family seemed to be having trouble finding their way back to the house after work and school. At least they keep themselves entertained.

04-16-16_7-45-36 PM

Levi: and then he said, “well, that’s a little condescending!”


Aryn: Could you two pipe down, please? I’m trying to concentrate here!

04-16-16_7-55-42 PM

Aryn: Nevermind. I’m done now.


04-16-16_7-56-25 PM

Once inside, Levi decided it was time to get down.

04-16-16_7-56-49 PM

While Roman got a little dirty.


I’m hilarious, I know.

04-16-16_7-58-00 PM

In all seriousness, though, this whole house is filthy and broken all the time. Mara can’t/won’t keep up with it all.

04-16-16_7-58-06 PM

Roman: I’m just going to stand here, between a puddle and some obvious electricity, all while starving nearly to death. I can’t see any downside to any of this at all.

Nope. None. All is well. *breathes rapidly into a paper bag*

04-16-16_7-58-12 PM

Luckily, Levi seems to have gotten at least a little better at using the stove since his last attempt. I can’t say I’m all that happy to see the return of the grilled cheese, though.

04-16-16_7-58-31 PM

Roman: Ahh, the smell of grilled cheese and garlic noodles. Just like old times.

04-16-16_7-59-14 PM

Levi: you lied to me. That’s just mac and cheese.

Roman: Whatever. Still delicious.

It still bothers me that no one cooks for anyone else in this house and that, even if they did, everyone seems determined to have a different meal from everyone else.

04-16-16_8-00-14 PM

*frightened panting*

Luckily, her handiness skill is pretty high at this point. That’s a lot of water, though!

04-16-16_8-01-00 PM

Levi may be the only one to have discovered the porch furniture at this point, but he uses it a lot. I love it!

04-16-16_8-03-09 PM

Of course, every time one teen does something nice, the other has to catch up.

04-16-16_8-03-24 PM

He even made sure the trash made it inside the newly uprighted trash can! Go Roman!

04-16-16_8-03-57 PM

Roman:  So, Dad, I followed you all the way into the bathroom to ask you a question. Do you think I have a shot at becoming Heir?

Aryn: Aww, son! I barely know your name!

So loving.

Soon thereafter, the entire family visited a nearby club to scope out the town.

04-16-16_8-14-18 PM

This pretty lady caught my eye immediately, and I caught Levi looking, too! No idea how old she is, but we’ll keep an eye on her.

But we’ll have to see how that goes next time, because that’s all I have for now!


Torch Holder: 5
Sim Failing School: 1
Visit From Service Sim: 6
Passing Out: 32
Self-Urination: 37
Accidental Fire: 9
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 20
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling Aspiration: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0


04-16-16_8-14-26 PM

Don’t worry, Roman fans. He’s catching plenty of sultry looks himself.

Even if his father being at the table does make it a bit awkward.

Ch. 4.4 – Broadening Horizons


Last time: The twins (the only children with heir potential) became Kids. Lacey was a total jerk who constantly made them cry. Aryn is stupid and Mara’s a drunk. Levi Trolled teh Forums and Roman molded clay.

04-09-16_3-45-09 PMCa

Calliope: You didn’t even mention me!  

Lacey: Nobody cares about you and your stupid grilled cheese, Cal.

Pretty much.

In actuality, Calliope is terrified of a horror movie in this picture even though she spent all morning with her grandfather’s ghost.

04-09-16_3-48-55 PM

Mara saved her by changing to the cooking channel.

04-09-16_3-53-18 PM

The family couldn’t afford their bills so I sent Mara to the bar to see if she could earn some money there. Calliope tagged along, and they ran into alternate universe Mara!

04-09-16_3-53-28 PM

Calliope: This is going to be great!!

Right. Mara’s such a great mom, taking her teenaged daughter to a dive called The Shrieking Llama.

04-09-16_3-54-30 PM

Mara is a very thoughtful bartender.

04-09-16_3-54-36 PM

Either that, or she’s stealthily gazing at this guy’s lovely eyes.

04-09-16_3-56-54 PM

Look! Mara’s taking a break from grilled cheese! Then again, she never really eats it. Just cooks it a ton.

Apparently, bartending earns no money? At least, it didn’t for Mara. So the Nawatts were forced to sell Carson’s spaceship.

04-09-16_3-59-18 PM

The aliens retaliated immediately. Mara was completely exhausted, asleep in her bed, when they showed up. She woke up and walked out of the house, sacrificing herself to them.

04-09-16_4-00-05 PM

And they took off. I swear, if she comes back pregnant, I’m going to be so upset.

04-09-16_4-00-18 PM

Luckily, it was a short trip and she made it back home and into bed without getting us another fail.

04-09-16_4-01-34 PM

The next day, things were business as usual at the Nawatt household.

Lacey: Aww, look at you two crybabies.

04-09-16_4-01-43 PM

Lacey: Almost makes me feel like I should stop. Almost.

04-09-16_4-02-06 PM

Roman: Do you think they’ll break the rules and make her heir if she makes us cry enough?

Levi: Can they do that?!

No, boys. No ‘they’ cannot.

04-09-16_4-03-02 PM

Then Ellie showed up to punch the stuffed dragon. This poor thing takes a lot of abuse.

04-09-16_4-04-40 PM

Look! FINALLY! Lacey found the playground. I’m so excited! :D

04-09-16_4-05-48 PM

Looooook!! She led her brothers there!! YES!

Roman made it clear that, although he had found the playground, he had to pee badly. He went back to the house on his own. Good boy!

04-09-16_4-06-22 PM

He returned a while later with a plate of food.

04-09-16_4-06-39 PM

He hadn’t gone pee, though. :\

04-09-16_4-07-01 PM

Luckily, he made it in time.

04-09-16_4-07-04 PM

Roman: You know, I could really do without being watched on the toilet.

I wouldn’t have been taking pictures if you had gone the first time!

04-09-16_4-07-13 PM

So cute! I don’t even care that this is how they spent their whole night, and at least one of them is probably going to miss school because of it.

04-09-16_4-08-19 PM

Just look how happy they are!

04-09-16_4-08-30 PM

These two are the best of friends.

04-09-16_4-08-39 PM

Continuing the long tradition of heirs’ ghosts having a favorite, Ellie adores Levi and checks in on him most nights.

04-09-16_4-09-42 PM

OMG GUYS. The whole family is trying things they’ve never done before, and I LOVE it!!

This is probably his attempt to win attention back from Roman after he found the porch furniture.

It’s  working.

04-09-16_4-16-41 PM

You know what that bowl means.

04-09-16_4-24-31 PM

Mara doesn’t look very happy about it.

04-09-16_4-25-01 PM

Mara: Tah-dah!

04-09-16_4-29-03 PM

Mara quickly went back to her natural element, and served drinks to visiting family members.

04-09-16_4-29-47 PM

Thus, Lacey was left to age up on her own.

04-09-16_8-06-49 PM

Lacey added Snob to her Mean and Materialistic traits. She hopes to one day be the Leader of the Pack. Basically, she’s Regina George. So I dressed her as a ‘sexy reindeer’ for this party.

04-09-16_8-07-03 PM

Lacey: OH MY GAWD. This house smells like butt!

Get your sister to stop cooking, then.

04-09-16_8-09-26 PM

Lacey’s party was too much for some Nawatts. Levi passed out – TWICE!

04-09-16_8-12-15 PM

Mara: Heyyyy! We’re not done!

Thank drink in your hands says that you might be.

04-09-16_8-15-20 PM

Mara was a disaster, so I sent her off to relax.

04-09-16_8-15-29 PM

I’m slightly concerned about the color of those bubbles, but she seems to be having a good time.

04-09-16_8-43-05 PM

Toni is the best ghost ever. She may only be drinking coffee here, but she rarely breaks things and is always cleaning up after her living family members.

Is this the only picture Aryn’s in this chapter? It just might be. He’s always working or staring at the walls.

04-09-16_8-56-43 PM

Mara: Hahaha, look! I made a thing! I’m cute like my kid, right? RIGHT?!

Go work on your aspiration, Mara.

04-09-16_8-57-58 PM

So she did.

04-09-16_8-58-20 PM

Now that is impressive.

04-09-16_9-01-31 PM

What were you two up to?! Don’t they look incredibly guilty?

04-09-16_9-04-24 PM

Whatever it was, Calliope averted attention successfully.

04-09-16_9-11-13 PM

Mara managed to halfway care about something one of her children did, for a change.

Note: Calliope should have had some more time in her teens, but glitches destroyed that. I thought about cheating her back down, but she has no chance at becoming heir anyway and the house is pretty full. So, in the end, I just let her go.

04-09-16_9-11-28 PM

Levi: Yay! Something’s happening to the sibling I’ve spoken to once or twice! Woo!


Regardless, Calliope’s traits are Genius, Foodie, and Kleptomaniac (!!!) That last one made me really sad because I’ve wanted to play with that trait for so long now. But there are no YA pics of her because she looks exactly the same. She went to live in a cute little house across the street, so hopefully we’ll still be seeing her often.

04-09-16_9-45-04 PM

Lacey: I, too, have found this thing. I shall become the new favorite with the adorableness of my creations.

I think that only works with little kids making cutesy animals.

04-09-16_9-45-20 PM

Levi: Lacey, do you think I could have a turn with that when I finish my dinner?

04-09-16_9-45-30 PM

Lacey: Can’t you see that I’m busy here? Leave me alone!

04-09-16_9-45-35 PM

Levi: I don’t think I like you, Lacey.

These two aren’t even friends anymore. :\

04-09-16_9-47-14 PM

I like to imagine that Lacey went whining to her mother here, and Mara was too drunk to even know what was going on.

04-09-16_9-49-25 PM

Levi: Wow, Dad! How weird to see you at home and actually interacting!

04-09-16_9-49-28 PM

Aryn: I know! I didn’t even think I was going to get a line in this chapter!

Neither did I.

Meanwhile, Lacey shoved Mara (who has 8 cooking points, btw) out of the way so she could cook instead.

04-09-16_9-50-34 PM

It went precisely how it sounds like it would.

04-09-16_9-51-51 PM

Lacey: Oh. This might be bad.

04-09-16_9-52-40 PM

Might? MIGHT?! MOVE!!!

04-09-16_9-53-05 PM

Lacey: I’m outta here, bitches!

04-09-16_9-54-17 PM

The boys (including Aryn) abandoned ship at the first opportunity.

04-09-16_9-54-41 PM

Lacey sulked.

04-09-16_9-55-43 PM

Mara calmly replaced the stove and went back to cooking garlic noodles. Almost like she planned it.

The cost of that stove brought us back down to less than 50 Simoleons. Again.

04-09-16_9-56-22 PM


04-09-16_9-56-35 PM


Mara: Wow. My daughter is just not smart.

04-09-16_10-06-27 PM

The very next day, Calliope called to see if Lacey wanted to join her for Ladies Night. As you can see here, Lacey was in no state to be leaving the house.

Roman: Hey! You got bigger!

04-09-16_10-10-56 PM

Aryn: My children are bonding. This pleases me.

Unlike Levi, Roman adores his big sister.

04-09-16_10-11-19 PM

Mara still spends all her free time skilling and fixing things.

04-09-16_10-16-12 PM

Levi and Lacey are working on things, though. They’re almost friends now.

And look! Another birthday cake!

04-09-16_10-16-28 PM

Roman was up first.

And BAM! Nothing else! My first cliffhanger, y’all! Until next time: happy simming!


Torch Holder: 5
Sim Failing School: 1
Visit From Service Sim: 6
Passing Out: 31
Self-Urination: 37
Accidental Fire: 8
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 20*
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling Aspiration: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0

*I apparently forgot to update this number during this generation; we’re all caught up now.


04-09-16_10-19-31 PM

Oh. Levi caked, too.

4.3 – The Genesis of a Troll


Last time, due to my own incompetence despite 16 years playing this game, we almost lost the Nawatts for good. After much struggling, things are finally back on track and the potential heirs of the next generation, Levi and Roman, were born.

04-09-16_1-08-47 PM

Obviously, the Nawatts are thrilled to be here.

Mara: Everything is broken and this house sucks!

Calliope: My mom is in my way!

04-09-16_1-10-13 PM

Lacey still breaks the dollhouse and beats up the dragon daily.

Mara and Calliope make sure the boys are never left unattended.

04-09-16_1-11-20 PM

The same cannot be said for the stove.

04-09-16_1-11-49 PM

I made sure it was prepared before our local foodie went to work.

Calliope: I have no idea why things keep breaking. I have the cutting board surgically grafted to my hand, just like I’m supposed to!

04-09-16_1-12-43 PM

Eventually, Calliope removed her wooden growth and the family enjoyed her food.

Lacey: How did you make grilled cheese taste like butt?

Calliope: *goes to her happy place*

04-09-16_1-14-27 PM

I think this picture is only here to prove that Aryn realizes his sons exist.

Truthfully, Aryn tries to help with the twins a lot, but he’s dumb. He’ll coo at them over and over, meanwhile allowing them to starve to death before Mara takes over.

04-09-16_1-16-09 PM

Aryn: So. Now that Calliope is around to make sure all the younger kids are constantly fed and kept alive, you want to have another one?

04-09-16_1-16-18 PM

Mara: I have a life-long aspiration to get to. If you even think about knocking me up again, I will strangle you with one hand.

Aryn: *wisely averts his gaze*

04-09-16_1-16-32 PM

Look! The babies are clean, fed, and not crying! Both of them! This might be a first in the history of twins in this game.

04-09-16_1-17-00 PM

Calliope: So? What do you think? Is it delicious?

04-09-16_1-17-17 PM

Aryn: Yeah, hun. It’s just great. Why are you standing in front of the trash can like that?

Calliope: What is this bullshit?! No one will just sit down and eat my food!

Look behind her. She’s made two trays of grilled cheese already, and a third was left on the floor because she ran out of counter space. I love autonomy.

04-09-16_1-19-00 PM

Sometimes Lacey is adorable. Mostly, she’s just mean, though.

04-09-16_1-22-35 PM

So, Brendan invited the family to his birthday party. When they got there, Brendan wasn’t home AND Aryn immediately flirted with Lily.

04-09-16_1-34-00 PM

Back at home, Lacey started the real party.

04-09-16_1-34-06 PM

I’m pretty sure this is the face of a future serial killer, ladies and gents.

Lacey: I will lay waste to all of your hopes and dreams.

I have no doubts. I’ve also stopped making Mara repair the damned thing.

04-09-16_1-40-28 PM

Last shot of the boys as infants! Mara ensured they were all fed and happy before they aged up.

04-09-16_1-54-39 PM

Here they are! Levi is on the left. He is now Neat. Roman, at right, is Hot Headed. Should be fun to watch him interact with Lacey. :/

So far, it looks like Levi is a clone of Mara and Roman is a clone of Aryn, except they both have Mara’s eyes.

04-09-16_1-53-10 PM

This picture only exists because I wasn’t sure I’d ever get a shot of Roman in his pajamas, but I love them because the picture on the shirt looks like a cave monster subtly flipping the bird.

Also, if Roman is heir, I just realized he’ll be the first in this legacy not to have Ayla’s black hair.

04-09-16_1-55-53 PM

The twins were so devastated by the broken dollhouse that I made Mara fix it again.

Mara: *grumbles* I can think of a little girl whose face I’d like to hammer right about now.

Okay, maybe it was just me thinking that.

04-09-16_1-56-13 PM

With the job done, everyone proceeded to pretend the dollhouse was just a pretty thing to look at once in a while. fml.

04-09-16_1-57-03 PM

Levi and Calliope: Hi!!!

They didn’t even talk after that. I think Calliope was just happy to have someone else to choke down her incessant production of grilled cheese sandwiches.

04-09-16_1-59-25 PM

This is the exact moment when I realized the dollhouse castle is a replica of the castle from Sims Medieval.

Also, yay! Levi became my instant favorite by actually playing with the thing!

04-09-16_2-01-04 PM

Mara: Yes, I realize it’s so early the children haven’t even gone to school yet. No, I am not ashamed.

I’m so thankful that Sims can’t get Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or anything, because Mara’s kids totally would have.

04-09-16_2-01-28 PM

Lacey: Calliope wasn’t awake yet, so I had to get some cold cereal for breakfast.

Mara: My breakfast is the opposite of cold, even though it isn’t on fire anymore.

Lacey: I can smell your breakfast from here. :\


04-09-16_2-06-29 PM

After school, Roman stomped upstairs in a rage.

04-09-16_2-06-31 PM

Somehow he sensed it.

04-09-16_2-06-46 PM

Roman: Lacey made it here first!

She really did.

04-09-16_2-07-32 PM

Roman: That MONSTER!!!

Oh, come off it, kid. You haven’t even touched the thing.

04-09-16_2-08-13 PM

Lacey: I broke your dollhouse, loser.

Levi: Wh-what?!

Roman: LACEY! I have something to say to you!!

04-09-16_2-08-23 PM

Roman: Good work, sis.

Levi: Haha, yeah. This isn’t awkward. Thanks for having my back, bro.

04-09-16_2-08-36 PM

Instant BFFs. Ugh.

04-09-16_2-10-21 PM

There’s still a lot of lovin’ going on with this family.

04-09-16_2-10-36 PM

Like, constant hugs.

04-09-16_2-12-38 PM

Look! Aryn did something useful for a change!

04-09-16_2-13-03 PM

Then more hugs.

04-09-16_2-14-17 PM

Calliope: Why are you eating cereal? I made breakfast!

Lacey: If you shove another grilled cheese in my face, I will gut you.

I’m on Lacey’s side for once.

04-09-16_2-16-26 PM

This doesn’t look like a successful way to have a conversation, but these two seemed to manage.

04-09-16_2-16-43 PM

It appears that Roman was sick of grilled cheese, too.

I’m not even joking, the family is running out of money and part of that is because Calliope won’t stop cooking even when there’s food everywhere.

04-09-16_2-17-26 PM

Lacey: Look at you and your stupid dragon face.

Right. Because the face you’re making now isn’t stupid at all, Lacey.

I wasn’t joking about her daily routine. You can see the dollhouse, broken again, in the background.

04-09-16_2-18-31 PM

Further proof that Aryn is an idiot: he regularly shares a bed with his teenage daughter instead of his wife. Because that isn’t weird at all.

04-09-16_2-19-43 PM

LEVI FOUND THE PORCH BENCH!! Seriously, I love this kid.

04-09-16_2-22-12 PM

…and so much for my joy.

This stupid lot. It takes them so long to figure out how to get home that even Mara passes out before she can get inside.

04-09-16_2-26-17 PM

Two seconds later, Roman peed himself in the bathroom because everything is always broken in this house.

04-09-16_2-26-24 PM


04-09-16_2-26-37 PM

So I sucked it up and hired a service Sim. Mara was just too exhausted and both toilets were broken.

He fixed the upstairs toilet and the stereo, but Roman and Calliope huddled in the downstairs bathroom, fighting over who would use the broken fixtures first, for so long that he finally left without repairing them.

04-09-16_2-36-32 PM

I had Mara make a wish in our fountain, even though we only had $40 left at this point, just to see what happened.

The answer is: nothing.

04-09-16_2-39-09 PM

Levi: Stranger danger! I need an adult!

The children are frightened of the extended family. I’m not sure why, considering this game doesn’t seem as susceptible to the birthday deaths as TS3 was.

04-09-16_2-39-26 PM

Look! Lacey can be cute!

04-09-16_2-39-34 PM

Aww! Adorable!

Aryn: I sense a disturbance.

04-09-16_2-40-17 PM


Levi: Geez, Lacey! You weren’t even using it until I sat down!

Aryn: Nevermind. Everything’s normal now.

That peacefulness was short-lived, and I am not surprised.

04-09-16_3-28-00 PM

Calliope: Mmmm I love chips!

Roman: Me, too!


04-09-16_3-28-52 PM

Roman: *makes me feel a little better by punching Calliope in the kidney*

04-09-16_3-29-18 PM

Every time I see Lacey cleaning or doing anything else remotely helpful, I think, “Look at her, pretending to NOT be a monster”.

04-09-16_3-30-31 PM

I’m onto you. Faker.

04-09-16_3-30-57 PM

See? She’s still at it.

04-09-16_3-31-44 PM

Levi: Nooo! She’s mean to you, too?!

04-09-16_3-31-59 PM

Levi: We shall be avenged, my friend. I promise you that.

04-09-16_3-32-09 PM

Levi: I have a plan.

04-09-16_3-32-34 PM

With a look of determination on his face, he stomped down the hallway.

04-09-16_3-32-42 PM

Just look at him. It’s obvious he’s about to enact vengeance upon all who have wronged him.

04-09-16_3-32-46 PM

Wait… what?!

04-09-16_3-32-57 PM

Levi: Alright. Here we go.

04-09-16_3-33-01 PM

Levi: Here it is. My defining moment.

04-09-16_3-33-06 PM


04-09-16_3-33-21 PM

Levi: *annoyingly talking out loud as he types*

04-09-16_3-33-32 PM

Levi: Alright, losers! You think you’re so cool, don’t you! Yeah?! Well, just WOOHOOED ALL YOUR MOMS!

04-09-16_3-34-04 PM

Levi: HAHAHAHA I’m the best!

Wtg, Levi. Wtg.

04-09-16_3-36-39 PM

By this point, I honestly didn’t even care how upset everyone was.

04-09-16_3-38-07 PM

Luckily, the Hot-Headed twin somehow discovered a more creative outlet for his frustrations.

04-09-16_3-38-39 PM

Roman: I like this bunny.

04-09-16_3-39-02 PM

Roman: He shall live here, where he can be warm and happy.


04-09-16_3-39-51 PM

Roman: I sense something outside, and it is disgusting! 

04-09-16_3-40-06 PM

It’s just your Grandpa, kid.

04-09-16_3-40-23 PM

And he’s the opposite of disgusting, since he’s cleaning up the mess Aryn and Lacey made, since Aryn’s too stupid to put trash in the can properly, and Lacey’s a jerk who knocks bins over for fun.

04-09-16_3-42-55 PM

Aryn: *attempts to redeem himself*

04-09-16_3-43-35 PM

Calliope ignored her grandfather’s ghost in favor of taking a picture of another meal she didn’t actually cook.

Carson: This angers me.

04-09-16_3-43-40 PM

Calliope: *gives not one fuck*

04-09-16_3-44-06 PM

Someone found the game table! It wasn’t one of the children, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

04-09-16_3-44-35 PM

Roman: I still love this bunny.


04-09-16_3-44-57 PM


That’s all I have for this time! I’ll post again soon, I promise!


Torch Holder: 5
Sim Failing School: 1
Visit From Service Sim: 6
Passing Out: 29
Self-Urination: 37
Accidental Fire: 7
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 15
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling Aspiration: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0


04-09-16_3-45-03 PM

Roman: I will also destroy all that you love.



Ch. 4.2–Time Flies When You’re Failing

Title Card 4-2

Wow. You’re still here? I hope someone is! It’s been a long time!

I know I very recently stated that I didn’t know if or when I’d be getting back to the Nawatts, due to some personal stuff, but I have always been the type to really want to do something the second someone tells me I can’t. I guess that applies even when that ‘someone’ is me.

Also, playing Pixel Perfect Redux has renewed my interest in the game. So, there’s that.

03-26-16_11-27-48 AM

As soon as I loaded up the game, I saw Mara heading for the spaceship. She was home alone so, I figured, why not? This is a decision I will regret forever.

I started to worry when Mara didn’t return after ten in-game hours. Then I realized it was 9pm; that meant Aryn and Calliope should’ve returned from work and school ages ago.

03-26-16_11-38-02 AM

Aryn?? You’re okay now?

Aryn: You forgot this was an ISBI, didn’t you. I surely wouldn’t have fed this baby on my own, even though she was starving!

…No. That never happened. o.O

03-26-16_11-39-27 AM

Aryn: First lesson, little Lacey: The Watcher lies.


Anyway, I reset the lot and everyone appeared. I totally did forget, for just a moment, that I wasn’t supposed to control Aryn and sent him to take care of Lacey who returned from daycare completely in the red. Thanks, caregivers!

03-26-16_11-41-39 AM

Seconds later, I noticed that Mara was still standing just outside the spaceship. As you can see, her mood was not so great.

She wouldn’t move. :(

03-26-16_11-45-14 AM

Then I noticed this random townie, superglued to the sidewalk in front of the Nawatt household.

03-26-16_11-48-05 AM

I reset the lot again. Mara waddled toward the bathroom…

03-26-16_11-48-43 AM

Where she promptly peed herself and passed out in the puddle. *sigh*

03-26-16_11-49-14 AM

Upstairs, Calliope was exhausted, starving, and very, very angry. The most rational course of action, of course, was verbally assaulting her stuffed dragon.

03-26-16_11-50-38 AM

Then, rather than doing anything about those severely depreciated needs, she headed off to school. Great, idea, Calliope!

As soon as she left, all of the Sims froze once again. Mara stood dumbly in the bathroom. Aryn stared into Lacey’s crib, unblinkingly. Both their needs inched closer and closer to imminent death.

After two hours of trying to fix this, I thought, “Maybe this is a sign? There is a certain legacy type I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to…”

03-26-16_12-35-54 PM

So I remade Mara as the Founder of a Rainbow legacy! Yay!!

I was bummed about losing her family and the progress of this ISBI, of course, but at least I wasn’t giving up, right?!

03-26-16_12-46-14 PM

She had her own little starter home. It was much nicer than what Ayla started with, since the rainbowcy rules are a little more relaxed.

But Mara wouldn’t move. She adopted that one little square of sidewalk as her home, and she refused to leave it.


03-26-16_12-51-25 PM

After a while, Mara vanished. When I panned over to her, she had somehow transported herself to the nearest bar. I can’t say I blame her, but becoming one with the bartender wasn’t the best plan. Especially when they both refused to move at all.


03-26-16_1-22-26 PM


03-26-16_6-06-46 PM

Lacey: Hey. We’re all better now. It only took you six  hours to realize you were being an idiot, and freaking out over something stupid.


03-26-16_6-07-20 PM

Calliope: Hey, Dad, did you know the Watcher messed up?

Aryn: Yeah! I did! She completely forgot to update a mod she downloaded over five patches ago! Isn’t that ridiculous??

Calliope: Sure is! Hahaha!

03-26-16_6-07-54 PM

So the Nawatts ended up moving to another town… Newcrest, maybe? I can’t remember which, but they live on an island now. This move was completely unnecessary and the game runs absolutely perfectly now that I’ve updated my mods.

Yes, I am an idiot. Thanks for noticing.

03-26-16_6-13-26 PM

Once things settled down, Calliope and Aryn bonded in front of the TV. It was adorable.

Lacey: Hey, big sis, I need you for something real quick.

Calliope: On my way!

03-26-16_6-13-51 PM

Calliope: So, what’d you need, Lacey? Why are you dragging me all the way to Mom and Dad’s room?

03-26-16_6-13-59 PM

Lacey: Just this!


Lacey is Mean, btw. Obviously.

03-26-16_6-14-44 PM

Slowly, life in the Nawatt household returned to normal. Calliope spent all her time playing video games, and absolutely none of it doing her homework.

03-26-16_6-15-11 PM

Aryn stood in the middle of the living room to watch tv, rather than sitting on the numerous comfy pieces of furniture.

Lacey stared blankly at a wall.

03-26-16_6-16-27 PM

Then the children enjoyed milk for dinner, rather than the actual meal their mother made for them before she left for work.

03-26-16_6-18-01 PM

As soon as Mara came home, Aryn rushed all the way to the end of their yard to greet her.

Aryn: I’m so glad to see you! Welcome home!

Mara: I know! I was so scared! I didn’t think we were going to make it!

Aryn: It sucks that you’re only four days away from becoming an Elder, though!!


03-26-16_6-19-52 PM

So, since the ridiculous number of glitches somehow stole LITERALLY AN ENTIRE LIFE STAGE* from our heiress, she had to get right on having a boy for the next generation!

*I have every intention of cheating Mara back to the beginning of the Adult cycle, at the very least. My Heiress will NOT die before her time due to my idiocy.

03-26-16_6-20-42 PM

Pregnant on the first try! Woo!

Mara and Aryn both have the Fertility reward, so I’m really hoping for at least twins this time around.

03-26-16_6-21-41 PM

Mara: Guess what? I’m pregnant!

Aryn: OMG WHY ME?!

I will never understand why they programmed that particular response as the default.

03-26-16_6-28-49 PM

This is literally seconds after Mara found out she was pregnant. She’s already huge and eating everything in sight.

03-26-16_6-32-56 PM

Aryn coped with his sadness about the pregnancy by performing interpretive dance in the kitchen.

Aryn: I wave ‘goodbye’. Goodbye to the young man I once was, and swivel my hips toward the future, and the old man I shall become.

So dramatic in his bunny slippers.

03-26-16_6-37-14 PM

Hey, guys! Look! Elliot is here! And she’s old!

That can only mean it’s a birthday!

03-26-16_6-37-41 PM

The glitches mean it’s already time for Calliope to become a teenager!

Calliope: Where are my candles? They promised me candles.

03-26-16_6-38-08 PM

Calliope: OOOh! Magic candles!

03-26-16_6-48-51 PM

Here she is! Calliope is now a Genius Foodie, who desires to become a Master Chef. This is her party outfit. Her everyday outfit is much more indicative of her Aspiration.

03-26-16_6-50-43 PM

She spent the first moments of her teen years fighting with her aunt Lily. Play nice, ladies.

03-26-16_6-53-17 PM

Julian cheered everyone up, thankfully.

03-26-16_7-01-15 PM

Upstairs, Lacey showed off her Mean streak admirably, by destroying the beautiful dollhouse in the nursery.

Dragon: Maybe if I close my eyes and pretend I’m not here, she won’t come after me next…

03-26-16_7-01-30 PM

Lacey: Don’t worry, Dragon. Your time will come.

03-26-16_7-03-28 PM

…I swear this is the morning after Mara found out she was pregnant. What is going on here?

03-26-16_7-05-28 PM

Carson came to greet the baby! It was adorable! It also broke my heart. :(

Mara: Look how big I am, Daddy! I hope it’s a boy this time.

Carson: Whatever this little one is, they’ll be wonderful!


03-26-16_7-07-40 PM

The second Carson touched her tummy, I received the notification that Mara was in labor. She didn’t have time for that shit, though. She needed a nap.

03-26-16_7-08-25 PM

Roughly six hours later, she jumped out of bed and rushed to the nursery.

Mara: Oh. Right. This sucks. Please be a boy, little one!

03-26-16_7-10-27 PM


Since I lost my list of names, I just randomized until I got one I could live with. Meet Levi!

03-26-16_7-10-36 PM

Mara: I’m so happy to meet you, little guy! You’re going to be a wonderful heir, yes you are! Because Mommy is totally done having babies, yes she is!

03-26-16_7-10-53 PM

Lacey: Something noisy woke me up. What’s going on.

03-26-16_7-10-59 PM

Turns out Levi has to compete, after all! This is Roman!

After all of that, FINALLY, this family is back on track. Everyone is present, accounted for, and ACTUALLY MOVING AROUND, KEEPING THEMSELVES ALIVE.

I’m not even going to lie, this has been the most stressful chapter I’ve ever written. I’m so glad it’s done now and everything is back on track!


Torch Holder: 5
Sim Failing School: 1
Visit From Service Sim: 5
Passing Out: 28
Self-Urination: 36
Accidental Fire: 7
Accidental Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 15
Twin Births: 2

Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling Aspiration: 0
Achieving Honor Roll: 0
Every 100,000 dollars: 0


03-26-16_7-11-35 PM

Here they are, ladies and gents! Stare upon these precious gems. Love them. For their existence was hard-fought.


Hi, everyone! Been a while, hasn’t it?

As most of you know, I lost someone dear to me. A fellow member of the Sims community, no less. Not to use that as an excuse, but I always  messaged/ talked to Rae as I played the Nawatts, and that loss has contributed to my lack of desire to continue with the Nawatt ISBI. That and the fact that Sims 4 isn’t really conducive to fun ISBI-ing. They aren’t nearly as dumb as previous Sims. lol

Anyway, in light of these two facts. I’m taking an extended hiatus from the Nawatts. I don’t want to say I’m quitting, but I don’t know. I have no idea if/when I’ll be getting back to them.

But I’m not gone. In fact, I’ll have something new for you very soon! A new twist on an old love, you might say! So keep an eye out at Pixel Perfect over the next week or two for my probably not so Grand Return to Simming!


Hey everyone.

This is undoubtedly the saddest and most difficult post I’ve ever made, so bear with me.

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, the Sim legacy writer known as Raelindolin and I are very good friends. She’s the author of the Bathory Villain legacy, the In Your Head Apocalypse Challenge, and many others, including a round-robin DITFT we worked on together, but never managed to have time for.

Rae got married in May. She and her husband moved into their new home a few weeks ago. Their baby was due at the end of September. Rae passed away on Saturday. Her precious little one didn’t make it, either.

I’m only posting this here in the hopes that anyone who follows her stories wonders ‘why hasn’t she updated?’ and can’t find the information anywhere. I wish I had her password to make a post there, as I know she wouldn’t want anyone to feel like she’d just abandoned them.

I’m crushed. I think I’m still in shock. I miss her every moment of every day. She was even more hilarious in person than she was on her blogs, if you could imagine, and my life is a lot less vibrant without her in it.

Thanks for ‘listening’.